“In Oran I have discovered that smile is a very direct channel of communication, and works the same everywhere”

Talk with Núria Urioz, narrator and storyteller. Participant in the eleventh edition of the “Intercultural Festival of the Tale” of Oran

The Mediterranean Citizens´ Assembly Foundation participates, for the second consecutive year, at the “Intercultural Tale Festival of Oran” (Algeria). On behalf of the MCAF , the narrator and storyteller Núria Urioz, participated in the eleventh edition of the festival, organized by Le Petit Lecteur, where twenty-five artists from all over the Mediterranean met to cheer up and spread magic of stories among  children and adults. Acts in schools, theaters, gardens, hospitals, conformed  the agenda of the city of Oran, that already has a consecrated oral tradition. For Núria it was the first international experience as storyteller.

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“I was surprised by the public response, and I realized that smile is a very direct communication channel, and is the same everywhere. I made beautiful communications with my eyes, my gesture  and my smile”.

The organization’s program included visits to several hospitals in Oran. Núria Urioz prepared a very emotional show number  in which the clown nose was the central element. “I work  at the NGO PayaSOSpital where I tell a story in which the final message is that a smile helps to make all the difficulties easier. It is a story of the sun and the moon where the sun ends up turning into the clown nose. In Oran, at the end of the story, I told the children that when they were afraid they would tighten their noses and everything would be better . The mothers and children were very excited after the show”, says Urioz.


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