MCA Foundation President, Vicent Garcés addressing at the Annual Conference of Euromesco


MCAF, 13.06.2017

MCA Foundation President Vicent Garces addressing at the conference “Confronting violent extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean area” with more than 100 researchers and experts from 22 Euro-Mediterranean countries on the extent of the threat posed by violent extremism and how to combat it.

Barcelona, 1 June 2017

“The Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation is very happy to be here. I want to express briefly the concerns of the citizens of the Mediterranean, who find themselves in a context of increasing war and inequality, and we see our sea how it becomes a cemetery.

And from the point of view of the proposals, it is clear that what we are asking for more democracy, more human rights, a real struggle against economic and social inequalities, and in such a way that extremism and terrorism find no basis for manipulating the consciousness of young people.

This is done through the action of public institutions, and also through the action of all the citizenship that is engaged with this reality. “


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