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IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern)



Imagining the Mediterranean congress emerges with the aim of  building and developing new narratives and structures in the XXI century with past times in mind. For this, a deepening of the different areas relatad to this cultural and artistic space is proposed, based on the presence of diverse theoretical and artistic profiles from different geographies.

Nowadays it cannot be ignored the fact that the Mediterranean is a common decisive factor in the identity construction of the territories that delimit. This boundary space has been built in the cultural imaginaries of Mediterranean territories, marked by the development of history and sociocultural events. Present moments push us to ask ourselves about the current vision that exists around the Mediterranean and how it is changing according to the different socio-political conditions.

The content will be organized in guest conferences and tables of communications, selected through an international call. The idea is to display a plurality of identities and actives points of view.

The main purpose of this congress is to create a meeting place where a network of contacts can be initiated. Furthermore, knowledge and experiences exchanges will be carried out in order to enhance communication networks in the Mediterranean context.

The MCA Foundation sponsors and participates with the presentations by:

  • Lola Bañon, MCAF director, doctor in communication and journalist specialized in the Middle East: “Cultural, media and political representation of the contemporary: visibility, Wahhabism and inner exile in the collective imaginary of the Mediterranean”
  • Maite Ibáñez, MCAF Governing Board member, doctor in History of Art, cultural manager and art critic: “The MCA Foundation as a space of cultural diversity”
The full program here →

All registration information is available on the website of the Institut Valencia d’Art Modern (IVAM). Browse →


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