All ready for the VII Meeting of the FACM in Casablanca

FACM, 06.11.2017

The  Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (ACM Foundation / Valencia / Spain) brings together in Casablanca more than 120 experts and members of its network of citizen circles from all over the Mediterranean to discuss the needs and tools of action of the citizenship for peace and progress in the region.The seventh meeting of the ACM Foundation will take place from November 9th to 12th in Casablanca, where will meet representatives of 27 citizens’ circles of this institution, which has a presence in more than twenty countries of the Mediterranean basin and which will count on the intervention of leading experts and representatives of Mediterranean institutions to discuss promotion in the field of citizenship, peace and progress in the Mediterranean.

Official program

Here is attached the Complete Program

The international meeting will deal with various topics in the context of four agoras of debate in which it will discussed xenophobia, radicalization, migration, ethnic conflicts, education, inequalities, sustainable development, citizen participation, particularly lending attention to the role of women and the role of youth.

The ACM Foundation is a citizen network of dialogue, proposal and action, based on the democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity and environmental responsibility. The Citizens ‘Assembly of the Mediterranean was created in 2008 as a citizens’ initiative. The ACM Foundation was formed as a foundation at the end of 2015, and its headquarters were established in Valencia / Spain.


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