“The force of law must prevail over the law of force”


Declaration of the Palestine Circle of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation  (FACM)

The force of law must prevail over the law of force

The Palestine Circle of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM), whose permanent seat is in Jerusalem, capital of the State of Palestine, expresses its total indignation at the declaration of the President of the United States that seems to have perfectly assimilated the Israeli policy of occupation for the fait accompli.

Seventy years ago, Israel seized the western part of the city in violation of the partition plan of the United Nations, and 50 years ago occupied East Jerusalem to annex it and then “unify” it, declaring it “its eternal, unique and indivisible capital”.

The State of Israel, as an occupying power, has never respected any UN resolution, especially those concerning Jerusalem, which is at the heart of all Israeli projects aimed at transforming the identity of this land and to dispossess the Palestinians. The accelerated increase in the construction of settlements during the past year, as well as the recent bill to annex more and more land around Jerusalem, are there to prove it.

Facing this new form of aggression against the entire Palestinian people, Christian citizens, Muslims and Jews alike, the FACM Circle of Palestine, which expresses the deep feelings of Palestinian citizens both inside and outside of Palestine, declares its total rejection of President Trump’s speech and demands respect for international law for justice and freedom of Palestine.

The Circle of Palestine welcomes all popular initiatives of civil society in the Mediterranean that affirm their solidarity with the Palestinian people and call for free consciences that pursue the love of justice and freedom, in Europe and in the world, to act immediately demanding the application of international law against injustice.

Ramallah, December 8, 2017


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