Crvenkapica (Little Red Riding Hood) is not just a tale in Croatia


Let’meet Crvenkapica,  an artistic and cultural project that comes from Croatia and by the hand of our circle ACM Croatie. Little Red Riding Hood is not just a story. We invite you to discover “Crvenkapa”, an interdisciplinary project that has been in development for several years and which objective is the preservation, presentation and strengthening of the cultural and national heritage brand of the city of Senj in Croatia. 

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Cooperation work between cultural and artistic, academic, educational and economic institutions that recovers a thousand-year-old tradition, that of red caps or hoods. This Croatian city, one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, formerly known as Senia, has lived a performance in which its most emblematic fortress has been covered with a giant red hood. The meters and meters of cloth of the same, are product of the work in group of thousands of citizens who have sewn this gigantic red hood. The ACM Circle of Croatia, led by its coordinator Marija Vukelic, has been closely involved in the project since the beginning. Congratulations for the initiative!

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