Social change through theater | ACM Thessaly circle workshop


More than 40 people have participated in the seminar on social theater organized by the ACM circle of Thessaly (Greece), in collaboration with Citizens in Action, and which was given by the playwright Jean-Pierre Besnard, artistic director and pedagogue of “Caravane Théâtre” “from Toulouse.

A workshop held between May 16 and June 1 that resulted in 7 different plays, and a final work dedicated to refugees. The objective of the seminar was to make the participants face the problems derived from the economic crisis in their country, looking for a possible solution in the theatrical expression.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Mayor of the city of Larisa, as well as by the member of the Advisory Council of the FΑCM, Poutsiakas Nikos, who together with the president of the organization “Citizens in Action”, and the director of the Theater, gave a brief speech and distributed the certificates of the seminar to the participants. The guests actively participated in the “creation” of the interpreted works in which a positive social change was made, for example, in issues such as the fighting violence against women or refugees hosting. Without doubt, it would be interesting to carry out a Mediterranean intercultural action within the framework of this approach.

The semminar in press