Report of the 7th ACM Meeting


In November 2017, the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) held its seventh meeting, with representatives of its 27 citizen circles based in twenty countries in the Mediterranean basin.  Under the topic “Means of citizen action for peace and progress in the Mediterranean”, the meeting was attended by leading experts and representatives of Mediterranean institutions to discuss the tools available to citizenship for the promotion of peace and lasting stability in the region.

The meeting was organized in four discussion fórums on xenophobia, radicalization, migration, ethnic conflicts, education, inequality, sustainable development and citizen participation, paying special attention to the role of women and youth.

The ACM Foundation has edited the Report of the encounter with the main axes that were debated in the four agoras and with interesting contributions of experts participants. This is a document with concrete proposals for the future of the Mediterranean peoples, based on the analysis and the knowledge of the realities of the región.