The ACM Foundation held on October 21 and 25 in Lebanon, a mission of citizen diplomacy with the aim of strengthening the ACM circle of the Lebanese capital, as well as knowing the work of various collaborating entities in the promotion of projects with refugees. Vicent Garcés and Lola Bañon, President and Director respectively of the ACM Foundation, participated in the mission.

During their stay in Lebanon, they have had the opportunity to learn about the work of assistance and support for refugees from the Amel Association International entity in a country that receives more than one and a half million refugees.

They visited the Khiara refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley, where most of the people come from Syria. Many of the families arrive from Rakaa and Aleppo, scenarios of an authentic humanitarian catastrophe. The situation of children, adolescents and women is especially delicate. More and more cases of childhood leukemia are detected, anemia among children and pregnant women is a constant. Amel carries out a comprehensive health, education and literacy project in this refugee camp.

The Amel association will continue having the support of the ACM Foundation in the development of the Euro-Mediterranean Movement of solidarity with people in exile, which both entities promote. The ACM Foundation has also visited the sadly famous Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra and Chatila, knowing in situ the enormous difficulties for the daily life of its people.

The ACM Foundation has reinforced and expanded the ACM Circle of Beirut, a city of reference in the framework of Mediterranean civil society. The ACM Circle of Beirut is composed of people involved in the defense of human rights and culture, with notable personal and professional careers and committed to the present and future of the Mediterranean peoples.
A fundamental idea highlighted by the President of the ACM Foundation, Vicent Garcés, in this quote is that “the Mediterranean space is not only history but also a geopolitical and human reality based on diversity. The refugee camps in Lebanon remind us of real atrocities committed and that should disappear from the international scene. Peace is the way, and violence and repression only lead to more violence and more repression. ”

The FACM will continue supporting initiatives of solidarity with people in exile.