The MCA Foundation finalizes the realization of its project “Human Rights Education as a means of inclusion of refugee people”


On March 13th, the FACM organized a workshop at the Museum of History of Valencia (MHV) for the elaboration of an inclusion guide for refugees. The Foundation Assembly of Citizens and Citizens of the Mediterranean (MCAF) organized on March 13 a day-Workshop in the Museum of History of Valencia (MHV), within the framework of “Education in human rights, as a means of inclusion refugees »

After several preparatory meetings, this day-workshop was the last working meeting for the drafting of an inclusion guide for refugees, A publication based on the views of the refugees addressing the main issues that affect them. The project was initiated by the Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (MCAF) and received support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The MCAF is a network that promotes dialogue, proposal and citizen action. The MCA Foundation promotes the democratic values ​​of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, as well as respect for the environment in the Mediterranean. The MCAF is committed to the emergence of a Mediterranean Community of Peoples.

The day-workshop was presented by Mr. Vicent Garcés and Mrs.Lola Bañon, respectively President and Director of the Foundation, and brought together refugees from both genders, NGOs and experts on migration issues of various citizenships, as well as representatives of the main organizations who work directly or are involved in helping refugees (CAR-Mislata, CEAR, Cruz Roja, ACNUR, UNRWA, Universitat de Valencia, etc.)

The guide book, which will provide legal, sociological, educational, cultural and other information and recommendations, will be published soon and will be available to the general public in a few weeks. This workshop, which took place at the MHV, reinforces the MCAF area of work on multiculturality and cohabitation together with all the actors and entities involved in the Project.