10 YEARS: Towards a mediterranean community of peoples


In 2020, the MCA celebrates its 10th anniversary. A Mediterranean citizenship commitment to build a community of destiny which promotes the democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, and environmental responsibility in the Mediterranean. They have been 10 years of MCA meetings on different shores of our sea. From Valencia, through Tunis, Volos, Istanbul, Marseille, Tirana, Casablanca or Barcelona. 26 citizens’ circles in 18 countries and hundreds of citizens involved in the construction of a shared space: the Mediterranean. To this end, in 2016, the MCA was established as a foundation, providing a legal framework.
With the aim of celebrating our 10 years, this symbolic date, coinciding in 2020 with the commemorative events of the Barcelona process that will set the Mediterranean agenda for the coming years, the MCA Foundation launches a campaign of adhesion of signatures to our Founding Charter. Claiming the role of cities and citizens as international actors of dialogue, cooperation, social cohesion and coexistence in diversity. Join this construction and be part of it. Sign the Charter!