MCAF Publishing : “Las desigualdades mediterráneas, reto del siglo XXI” by Ricard Pérez Casado


The MCAF launches the book “Las desigualdades mediterráneas, reto del siglo XXI” written by Ricard Pérez Casado. A work copublished in Spain by the MCA Foundation and the publishing house Catarata. Launched in  March.

“Between the totality of human aspirations, one is common to all the societies: the equality and its nonexistence in the majority of the occasions. The age of Enlightement established  the equality as one of its greats principles, the monotheist religions promote it in front of a God and the french revolution integrate it into its famous revolutionary triad.

Much of this ideas have their origin in the Mediterranean area, where the inequalities cause and perpetuate a lot of conflicts which damaged their societies. Not only in their territories and countries, but also between the different social classes, about the gender inequalities, the socioeconomic ones, or the derivatives from the religious, the linguistic and the environmental differences. The confluence of inequalities increase the violence of conflicts; It’s the case, for example, the dismantling of the ex-yougoslav repubics. In this essay, Ricard Pérez Casado seed the cultural, social and religious History of both rives of Mediterranean Sea to explain the increasing inequality and the political, economics and environmental conflicts in all the Mediterranean area of the 21th century.”

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