14th PAM Executive Report | MCAF President ” The diversity is the very identity of the Mediterranean and must be protected”


It is already published the Executive Report of the 14th PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean ) Plenary Session, held in Athens on 20-21 February 2020.

Mr. Vicent Garcés , President of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (MCAF), intervened in the framework of the 3rd Standing Committee on Dialogue among Civilizations and Human Right. Focused on the geopolitical spectrum of the Mediterranean region, with economic inequalities within countries themselves and between the North and South shores of the Mediterranean. “The root causes of the migration flows need to be solved. The Foundation has members in 20 Mediterranean countries and is now an observer in PAM, trying to exercise the diplomacy of the people for which parliamentary diplomacy is very important. Diplomacy of civil society is the true force and needs a dialogue between citizens taking into account religions or ideologies. This diversity is the very identity of the Mediterranean and must be protected. Our very democracy is at stake and needs to be saved to ensure the EU will not become a walled-in fortress. For the Foundation, the contacts and meetings with the PAM are of great value. We need to increase interaction between cities and regions of the Mediterranean and work together with the PAM and citizens of the region with the EU, Africa and the Council of Europe”.

MCA Foundation was awarded with the 2019 – PAM Prize Laureates Award in recognition of the Foundation’s commitment to dialogue, social cohesion and coexistence in diversity.


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