11 MCA Circles take part in the Mostra Viva del Mediterrani 2020


Despite the mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic, this meeting will gather the cultural propositions of many MCA circles.

Thanks to circle of Algiers, in collaboration with the Bardo Museum, we will know the history of the African musical instruments.

The MCA circle of Naples brought Stefanno Salleti and Banda Ikona for the musical meeting, and the MCA circle of Cyprus give us the opportunity of enjoying the Monsieur Doumani rhythms.

In the theatre program, we will present at the international scale, the play ANTIGONE 2.0, produced by the MCA circle of Montenegro. From the MCA circle of Sarajevo we are going to receive the the presentation of the organisation of the I Mediterranean Congress : music and science.

The members of the MCA circles of Oran and Cyprus will take part in our debates about youth and durability in the Mediterranean.

For this edition, we also receive proposition from the MCA circles of Cairo, Casablanca, Rabat and Rome, and whose participation was impossible for the restrictions of mobility, but their propositions will be take in account  for the next editions.