Sign the Call

Call the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples. Since 2008, a group of citizens and citizens of the Mediterranean have committed themselves to actively participate in the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples.

By signing this call, you affirm their desire to participate in building a common area and sustainable peace, development, solidarity and shared prosperity among the peoples of the Mediterranean.

By becoming a signatory, you will be informed periodically of the progress of the process, and will be invited to take an active part.


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Nombre | first name *Apellidos | last name *Organización | OrganizationPaís | country *Ciudad | city *
**** **** **** Cyprus Nicosia
Dalila Taieb Gazoini La Kunta de Andalucia España Sevilla
joury shaar france rouen
Vicent Torrent Centelles Espanya València
Mohammend Benouazzani
Enrique Guardiola Belenguer
Victoria Porras Fernández
**** **** **** Lebanon Byblos Jbeil
Hicham BERJAOUI Université Hassan II Maroc Rabat
alexandre salha fair trade lebanon lebanon beirut

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