Declaration of the Advisory Council of the MCA Foundation about Aleppo


“Aleppo: the triumphing ignominy hardly shakes our somnambulism that will continue”. We share with bitterness the statement of the honorary member of the Advisory Council of the MCA Foundation, Edgar Morin.
In Aleppo, a large scale humanitarian disaster is happening in a climate of horrible silence: besides the military offensive and civilians targeted while trying to escape from combats, exactions are committed in the districts retaken by the regime, its allies and militia. There are no more functioning hospitals. Chlorine barrels are thrown over civilian population, hits with phosphoric and fragmentation bombs from airplanes are continuous and entail tens of deaths every day.
A thousand-year-old city has been encircled since several months and is currently falling after the imposition of a veto in the Security Council, to prevent a resolution calling for a humanitarian truce. The end of the battle for Aleppo is approaching! But at what price?
Tens of thousands of inhabitants progress towards exile routes after having lost everything. The world silence is tremendous. The absence of tangible political action is surprising in this XXIst century! “Never again”: a sentence that we do not cease listening after each killing in our universe marked by the accomplice indifference.
The citizens of the Mediterranean are all concerned by this vast humanitarian crisis. Their civil and engaged actions must alert, inform and exert an effective pressure on policies in order to immediately stop this killing.

Valencia, December, 3rd 2016