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The alarm has rang for a Transition in Food and Agricultural. Wake up!


09 February 2018

The Mediterranean Citizen’s Assembly Foundation (FACM) encourages its members to work with a Transition in Food and Agricultural sustainable, and to publicise their commitments at national and international events.


To sign to declaration please write to>   secretariat@fundacionacm.org

MCA Fondation 2017 summary


Vicent Garcés at the PAM Plenary: “The adopted resolutions will remain on a piece of paper if the citizens can not make them their own”


The ACM Foundation, as an observer member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (APM), is attending its 13th General Assembly that is being held in Belgrade (21-22 february), at the headquarters of the Serbian National Assembly.

The president of the FACM, Vicent Garcés has intervened in the framework of the third PAM Commission of the on Dialogue of Civilizations and Human Rights in the Mediterranean. Garcés addressed to the parliamentarians coming from all the countries of the region -which is a historical, human, cultural and political space shared by the FACM-, and pointed out “the need for institutional representatives do not forget that their democratic legitimacy comes from the citizens, noting that the FACM practice citizen diplomacy through dialogue, proposal and action “.

Garcés has alluded to the set of resolutions adopted by the PAM warning that “they will remain on a piece of paper if the citizens and peoples can not be made their own, and that the economic and social inequalities that do not stop growing can be reduced”. 

The president of the FACM has denounced the conversion of the Mediterranean into a cemetery and the need for solidarity with migrants and refugees. “More solidarity and less walls; more HH.RR and less racism and xenophobia”.

The FACM has presented to the attendees 4 key projects for the year 2019: 1) the Master in HH.RR in the Mediterranean that develops in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean University Institute EMUI; 2) the meeting on cultural heritage in the Mediterranean to be held in October in Naples; 3) the Euro-Mediterranean movement of solidarity with people in exile, to which more than a hundred international organizations have joined; and 4) the VIII ACM meeting that this year will deal with the situation of youth in the Mediterranean. Both the PAM and the FACM have agreed to reinforce the collaboration as they share the analysis and the different proposals from its scope of action.

During the Plenary Session, in the framework of the Standing Committees, PAM parliamentarians were review the reports and vote to adopt the draft resolutions on the priority issues for the Euro-Mediterranean area, among which, political and security developments in the MENA Region, the new threats represented terrorism, economic cooperation and trade facilitation, as well as a draft resolution on climate change, the Global Compact for Migration and the promotion of Human Rights.

ACM Foundation Representatives at the Charta 2020 workshop: Towards the definition of European public goods


Representatives from the Rome and Beirut circles of the Mediterranean Citizen’s Assembly Foundation (MCAF) participated to a workshop at the European University Institute (EUI), in February 2019. They contributed to the drafting of the Charta 2020, together with a wide range of European citizens, journalists, academics, …

Charta 2020 is a European project, presented within the Agora Europe (https://agoraeupoliticalspace.wordpress.com/), aiming at building a European political space and defining 20 European public goods (or objects of political desire). This project has been initiated by Rui Tavares and Caterina Di Fazio.

During the workshop, at the EUI, the representatives of the MCAF circles particularly contributed to the section of the Charta 2020 dedicated to migrations. Within this framework, they provided a wide range of inputs including the values promoted by the Euro-Mediterranean Movement of Solidarity with Persons in Exile, in particular the importance of having a human rights-based approach, when it comes to migrations, based on the European pillars of dignity, solidarity and humanity. ACM Foundation and its ACM circles from m Palestine, Beirut, Thessaly, Cyprus and Rome are part of the Euro-Mediterranean Movement of Solidarity with Persons in Exile, launched by Amel Association International (www.amel.org) and Samusocial International (http://www.fundacionacm.org/en/2018/06/05/launching-of-the-euro-mediterranean-movement-of-solidarity-with-people-in-exile/).

As for the Charta 2020, the MCAF circles representatives are currently contributing to its finalization. They will join the Charta’s launching event, in March 2019, in Brussels. The Charta 2020 will then be sent for signature to all the candidates for the European elections which will take place in May 2019.

The Charta 2020 and Agora Europe processes are key contributions in the development of a Euro-Mediterranean citizenship, which is one of the missions of MCAF. Within this framework, the participation of MCAF circles allows citizens to shape the future of the region and to engage with politics on different priorities including migrations, environment, culture, economy, …

ACM Foundation institutional agenda | february 2019


The ACM Foundation will participate in the annual summit of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean. Belgrade, February 21-22. The ACM Foundation president, Vicent Garcés will intervene on the dialogue of civilizations and Human Rights.

The FACM will attend the 10th Plenary of ARLEM. Seville, February 26-27.

The ACM Foundation will participate in the annual assembly of the Anna Lindh Foundation Spanish Network. València, February 20-21.

ACM Foundation Newsletter | January 2019


This month, we highlight the starting of our Project “Education in Human Rights as a tool for the inclusion of refugee people”. The ACM Foundation promotes an inclusion guide drawn up byfrom the perspective of refugee people participating in the project and may be used by public administrations, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And more news: ACM Circles in action, book launching, ACM Institutional agenda…

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In memoriam: Paul Balta


A very sad new: the writer and journalist, Paul Balta passed away on January 27th. Our thoughts are with the family, with our dear Claudine Rulleau, friends and members of the ACM Foundation network for the great loss of our master and an intelectual referent for the Mediterranean, our honorary member, Paul Balta.

The ACM Foundation promotes the project “Education in Human Rights as a tool for the inclusion of refugees”


The Mediterranrean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) promotes an innovative project that focuses on education as a tool for the empowerment of refugees. The objective is to draft a proactive guide that includes good inclusion practices. This manual will be written from the perspective of the refugees themselves who participate in the project and may be used by public administrations, civil organizations and institutions, and in which axes such as immigration and refuge will be addressed; training and employment; sustainable development; gender and promotion of the culture of peace. The initiative has the support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.E. and Cooperation.


La proposition de l`inclusion et de la promotion des droits humains, plus concrètement des personnes réfugiées  sont souvent envisagés en marge des propres affectés. C´est pour cette raison que le projet a un double objectif l´autonomisation des personnes réfugiées que  suivent ce projet à travers la reconnaissance de leurs propres droits. Le deuxième pilier de cette initiative est de créer une publication de caractère propositif qui réunisse les bonnes pratiques de l´inclusion depuis la perspective des  personnes réfugiées.

Le Président de la Fondation ACM, Monsieur Vicent Garcés remarque que : « environ 500 millions de personnes vivent aujourd’hui dans une Méditerranée sanctionnée par la crise économique et par les instabilités politiques  qui dans les cas les plus extrêmes continuent  de provoquer des guerres. 60 % de cette population sont des jeunes de moins de 30 ans. Normalement les propositions politiques et sociales proviennent de forum étranger à la propre expérience des réfugiés. C`est pour cela qu´il est impératif d´écouter les propositions et les visions des propres protagonistes afin de créer un nouveau cadre de politique migratoire dans toute la région.  Cette publication suivra les principes et les valeurs recueillis dans l´Agenda 2030, apportant ainsi des réflexions et des propositions  aux défis posées dans les objectifs de développement durable. »

L´exécution du manuel sera codirigée par un ample comité de scientifiques composé d´experts, académiques et membres de diverses institutions publiques et privées lesquels mettront en commun  avec les participants de ce projet les principaux axes thématiques.  Ce document será distribué aux divers organismes de la société civile des deux côtés de la Méditerranée à travers les cercles de la Fondation ACM, aux réseaux des universités et des organismes avec lesquels nous avons établi une convention, ainsi qu´aux différents medias de communication.

ACM Foundation and AJCM: 19 beaches, 16 cities, 9 countries: common action of cleaning in the Mediterranean


Several Young people from France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Cyprus, Montenegro, Lebanon and even Syria participating in a common action of cleaning in the Mediterranean and in parallel environmental activities. It is an initiative of the Atelier des Jeunes Citoyens en Méditerranée -Mediterranean Young Citizens Workshop (AJCM), and the Marseille ACM Circle, which benefited from the sponsorship and participation of the Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (FACM) and its members and circles of citizens. This symbolic and federative event of youth engagement is organized around a day of educational cleaning beaches, April 14, 2018, simultaneously in 9 Mediterranean countries. On this occasion, they presented circles from France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Cyprus, Montenegro, Lebanon, and even Syria.

ACM Foundation projects for the year 2019


The year 2019 is full of exciting projects:

“Les assises de la jeunesse” is one of the central projects of the ACM Foundation for next year. The FACM will organize a great meeting aimed to addressing the challenges and priorities of the youth in the Mediterranean.

Is about to start the first edition of the Euro-Mediterranean University EMUI and the ACM Foundation International University Master: Human Rights in the Mediterranean.
The ACM Foundation is a member of the EMUI Social Council and both entities have signed a collaboration agreement for developing it. It is an on-line Master offered jointly by the institutions that take part of the Academic Council of EMUI: Complutense University of Madrid (Spain); University of Salento (Lecce, Italy); Università di Foggia (Italy); Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Cairo University (Egypt); Universitat Mohammed V of Rabat (Morocco); Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah de Fès (Morocco); Università di Firenze (Italy), Humboldt Universität (Berlin, Germany); Université d’Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed (Algerie) and Universitè de Sousse (Tunis).

Within our line of action to promote solidarity with people in exile, the ACM Foundation will carry out the first inclusion guide, written from the perspective of the refugee people who participate in the project and may be used by public administrations, civil organizations and institutions. Axes such as immigration and refuge; training and employment; sustainable development; gender and promotion of the culture of peace will be analyzed. The initiative has the support of the Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, U.E. and Cooperation.

The cultural and architectural heritage in the Mediterranean is another of the great projects that we will approach in collaboration with the Peripli Association of Naples and several of our ACM circles. A commitment to put value on the enormous cultural legacy that all the peoples of the Mediterranean share.

The agro-food transition in our region is an initiative that the ACM Foundation has been leading for several years, and to which more than 60 international organizations have joined. This year we will continue to turn our efforts to make our sea a more sustainable space. In the same way, we will continue developing the second phase of the SAT project “Transitional Tools Towards Territorialized Agrifood Systems” that we are carrying out with the NGO CERAI, Resolis and Mensa Cívica, and which has the sponsorship of the Daniel and Ninna Carasso Foundation.

After the trilingual anthology of the grec Kavafis, the Andalusian poet Ibn Khafaja and the monography on the cultural awakening that the Mostra Viva del Mediterrani festival represented for Valencian society, this year it will also offer us great editorial novelties in which the ACM Foundation works actively.
We will reinforce our line of contents in the Arabic language, as one of the vehicular languages of our Foundation.

A year full of exciting projects in which our network of circles will continue to grow with new additions such as Sarajevo, Tripoli or Piran, in Slovenia. 


Analysis on migration and refuge at À Punt channel


The program “La cuestión” of the public televisión À Punt analyzes the situation of migrations and refuge. From the perspective of people who want to move in freedom because they flee from poverty, from war, from repression, from violations. ‘La cuestión’ addresses the response to a humanitarian challenge in the heart of Europe. Analyze the harshness of certain policies and scrutinize other propaganda reactions without losing sight of the increase in populisms. With the expert opinions by Sami Naïr, Javier de Lucas, Lola Bañon and Nicolás Castellanos.. Watch the program

ACM Foundation December Newsletter

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