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MCAF 8. Meeting at MEDINA EN TVE- Spanish public broadcast


Statement of the mediterranean youth

The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation brings together at the Barcelona meeting more than 120 young people from the Mediterranean with experts and members of the network of citizen circles throughout the Mediterranean at the Barcelona meeting.

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The alarm has rang for a Transition in Food and Agricultural. Wake up!


09 February 2018

The Mediterranean Citizen’s Assembly Foundation (FACM) encourages its members to work with a Transition in Food and Agricultural sustainable, and to publicise their commitments at national and international events.


To sign to declaration please write to>   secretariat@fundacionacm.org

7th FACM Meeting – 2017, Casablanca (Morocco)



The  Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (ACM Foundation / Valencia / Spain) brings together in Casablanca more than 120 experts and members of its network of citizen circles from all over the Mediterranean to discuss the needs and tools of action of the citizenship for peace and progress in the region.The seventh meeting of the ACM Foundation took place between 9th to 12th November in Casablanca, where met representatives of 27 citizens’ circles of this institution, which has a presence in more than twenty countries of the Mediterranean basin and which counted on the intervention of leading experts and representatives of Mediterranean institutions discussing promotion in the field of citizenship, peace and progress in the Mediterranean.

The international meeting dealed with various topics in the context of four agoras of debate in which it has been discussed the xenophobia, radicalization, migration, ethnic conflicts, education, inequalities, sustainable development, citizen participation, particularly lending attention to the role of women and youth.

The ACM Foundation is a citizen network of dialogue, proposal and action, based on the democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity and environmental responsibility. The Citizens ‘Assembly of the Mediterranean was created in 2008 as a citizens’ initiative. The ACM Foundation was formed as a foundation at the end of 2015, and its headquarters were established in Valencia / Spain.







MCA Fondation 2017 summary


Civic commitment of youth in Mediterranean |AJCM 2020


On 2018 and 2019, we carried out together a nice action, bringing together thousand of  young people around the Mediterranean area on the theme of sustainable development, through the organization of a “pedagogical cleaning” of our coastline involving more or less one hundred associative structures.

Due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, this edition looks a little different but just as exciting. Nous vous proposons de la renouveler cette année lasted 3 days as part of a activity on June 6,7 and 8. There will be online talks, music, workshops and  a great dare : a Plogging challenge, the sport that combines exercise with caring for the environment. All the participants will be sending photos that will be published on the different enabled social networks, and at the end of the day, they will report the kilometers traveled. Let’s go as many kilometers as we can through our Mediterranean Sea!

We propose to renew this experience again this year by organizing preparation workshops  − by amplifying the mobilization, − by bringing together / involving more and more local structures and authorities, − by increasing the number of regions and countries represented, − by developing the showcase role of youth initiatives and projects, − by soliciting the participation of citizen media.

The objective remains the same: to illustrate the civic commitment of the youth in the Mediterranean area and to take a new step towards the representation of youth in the Mediterranean area. Sustainable development represents for the Mediterranean area a major social and federating stake, health but also economic around the jobs of tomorrow.

The MCA  Foundation, as every year, collaborate in the initiative of Tetes de l’ art and the AJCM and invites you to participate. If you are interested:




FACM joins the campaign fot 25th anniversary of the Barcelona process


FACM joins the campaign for the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona process initiated by the Union for the Mediterranean, with the firm conviction that this commemoration highlights the role of citizenship as a fundamental actor in dialogue, cooperation and to live together in diversity, in periods as convulsive as those we are going through.

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How are the countries of the Mediterranean area experiencing the time confinement of Covid19? Their differences but also their inequalities make the panorama look like a mix, in some places more explosive than in others. Today in RTVE’s program #Mediterráneo : Ricard Pérez Casado, member of Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation Advisory Council. His latest book was born in confinement “The Mediterranean inequalities : challenge for the XXI century” (ACM Foundation and Catarata Publishing House)

Report of the 8th MCAF meeting : YOUTH IN THE MEDITERRANEAN | Barcelona 2019


Report of the 8th meeting of the MCAF

Durin our 10 years’ experience, we celebrated eight Mediterranean meetings about key themes: “institutions and citizenship in the Mediterranean Sea”, Valencia, Spain, 2010; “Crisis and changes in the Mediterranean”, Tunis, Tunisia, 2011; “The future the citizenship in movement”, Volos, Greece, 2012; “Mediterranean citizenship facing crisis and regional conflicts” Istanbul, Turkey, 2013; “Toward the construction of a Mediterranean people community”, Marseille, France 2014; “Five years of the MCAF: evaluation and future perspectives” Tirana, Albania, 2015; “Necessary conditions and instruments of the citizenship for peace and progress in the Mediterranean” Casablanca, Morroco, 2017.

The last meeting has been celebrated in Barcelona/Spain in November of 2019 and was consecrated to the “Youth in the Mediterranean”. We are glad to share the report of this meeting, in which are gathered the conclusions and recommendations of the four agoras and the contributions of the institutional representants who participate in this meeting.

Those are diagnostics and propositions for the future of the Mediterranean people, from the Mediterranean Youth, based on the knowledge of our region’s reality. We want a common future based on Mediterranean integration, with all its diversity, with our youth, for a Mediterranean in dignity, human and unite.

Read the report


14th PAM Executive Report | MCAF President ” The diversity is the very identity of the Mediterranean and must be protected”


It is already published the Executive Report of the 14th PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean ) Plenary Session, held in Athens on 20-21 February 2020.

Mr. Vicent Garcés , President of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (MCAF), intervened in the framework of the 3rd Standing Committee on Dialogue among Civilizations and Human Right. Focused on the geopolitical spectrum of the Mediterranean region, with economic inequalities within countries themselves and between the North and South shores of the Mediterranean. “The root causes of the migration flows need to be solved. The Foundation has members in 20 Mediterranean countries and is now an observer in PAM, trying to exercise the diplomacy of the people for which parliamentary diplomacy is very important. Diplomacy of civil society is the true force and needs a dialogue between citizens taking into account religions or ideologies. This diversity is the very identity of the Mediterranean and must be protected. Our very democracy is at stake and needs to be saved to ensure the EU will not become a walled-in fortress. For the Foundation, the contacts and meetings with the PAM are of great value. We need to increase interaction between cities and regions of the Mediterranean and work together with the PAM and citizens of the region with the EU, Africa and the Council of Europe”.

MCA Foundation was awarded with the 2019 – PAM Prize Laureates Award in recognition of the Foundation’s commitment to dialogue, social cohesion and coexistence in diversity.


Read the Executive report 

INTERVIEW: Ricard Pérez Casado : “The Mediterranean is also a Human scale landscape


INTERVIEW: Ricard Pérez Casado, ex Mayor of València, member of the MCAF Consultative Council, publish “ Desigualdades mediterráneas, retos del Siglo XXI” copublished by Ed. Catarata and the MCA foundation.


“The Mediterranean is also a Human scale landscape or a succession of landscapes which allowed that the “Human being is the measure of everything”, definition which inspire the most fertile steps of the humanity”

Read the entire interview

MCAF Publishing : “Las desigualdades mediterráneas, reto del siglo XXI” by Ricard Pérez Casado


The MCAF launches the book “Las desigualdades mediterráneas, reto del siglo XXI” written by Ricard Pérez Casado. A work copublished in Spain by the MCA Foundation and the publishing house Catarata. Launched in  March.

“Between the totality of human aspirations, one is common to all the societies: the equality and its nonexistence in the majority of the occasions. The age of Enlightement established  the equality as one of its greats principles, the monotheist religions promote it in front of a God and the french revolution integrate it into its famous revolutionary triad.

Much of this ideas have their origin in the Mediterranean area, where the inequalities cause and perpetuate a lot of conflicts which damaged their societies. Not only in their territories and countries, but also between the different social classes, about the gender inequalities, the socioeconomic ones, or the derivatives from the religious, the linguistic and the environmental differences. The confluence of inequalities increase the violence of conflicts; It’s the case, for example, the dismantling of the ex-yougoslav repubics. In this essay, Ricard Pérez Casado seed the cultural, social and religious History of both rives of Mediterranean Sea to explain the increasing inequality and the political, economics and environmental conflicts in all the Mediterranean area of the 21th century.”

More informations about the physicals and digitals points of sale: Ed.Catarata



28 citizens circles
20 Mediterranean countries
+ than 70 events organized in 2019

MCAF Strategical actions:
-Being an interlocutor between the euromediterranean institutions and the Mediterranean citizenship.
-Make easier the communication based on equality and inter-generational diversity in all the social, economical, cultural, humanitarian and political fields which affects billions of young people in the Mediterranean countries.
-Contribute to the Mediterranean agenda for the next years and demand that the citizenship be recognized as an essential actor of dialog, the cooperation, the social cohesion, the coexistence in diversity.

Most important actions in 2019:
-Social action: refugees, youth, gender.
-Cultural action: Mediterranean Heritage/ Mostra Viva del Mediterrani.
-Environmental action: SAT project (Territorialized Agri-food Systems). Simultaneous actions to clean up Mediterranean beaches.
-Mediterranean publications.
-Citizen’s Diplomacy.
-Diffusion and vulgarization in french, english and spanish, with texts in arabic and catalan.
-Two international rewards: SLOBODA/LIBERTY prize attribute by the International Center for Peace of Sarajevo, and the the 2019 prize of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

Here we share the 2019 FACM’s activities memory which summarizes all our activities of 2019. Take a look clicking on the covers.

2019 MCAF ACTIVITY RAPORT                                  2019 MACF ACTIVITY SUMMARY

Facing Covid-19 : Solidarity


In front of the sanitarian alert, the MCA Foundation Team chose the remote working following the official advice. We remain at your disposal in our usual communication channels: social networks, e-mail and phone.
We express our gratitude to the healthcare, the alimentary, the cleaners and the transport workers and so many others, together with the entire citizenship, who are making the fight against the pandemic easier.

We share plenty of massages of solidarity by our MCAF Network:

The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (PAM) message

This year, the euromediterranean region, as a lot of others parts of the world, is facing the COVID 19 with full force, and the northern coast is the current epicentre of the global pandemic. This pandemic is damaging all the aspects of our lives, our health, the limitation of our quotidian actions,  the economical and educational constraint. In a such difficult period, the topic choose to think about together for the Mediterranean Day 2020 is: “Solidarity and mutual assistance”.
Read the PAM message

Project : COMMUNICATION AND SELF/ISOLATION- World art day- IAA/  BiH-IPC / SWF-Leonardo da Vinci

Dear friends,
I wish to you and your loved ones to be in good health. I believe in your ability and your capacity to share with the others, in these difficult circumstances, the necessary solidarity. All I can say is in one sentence: Take care of you.
I Hope that we meet again without the social distance between us. In the meantime I share this website página (World Art Day IPC/SWF2020/Leonardo Da Vinci) I and call all the artists to they share trough their social networks (from the 15/03/2020 to the 15/04/2020 to celebrate the World art day), their works/ fictions, short films movies and documentaries, exhibitions, photos, actings, dances and ballets, theatre plays and music/ wisdom, love compassion and solidarity messages to all the people who fight against this auto/isolation.
Ibrahim Spahic director of the SWF and the CIP, honorary member of the MCAF Consultative Council.


Cara/o iscritta/o
le attività di “Peripli” sono sospese e rinviate nel rispetto delle norme adottate dal governo italiano  per prevenire la diffusione del coronavirus.

Vi esortiamo a mantenere la lucidità, ad adottare comportamenti responsabili, e a fare appello alla saggezza.

Ce la faremo e riprenderemo le nostre attività con maggiore motivazione.

Buona salute a tutti!

In this situation which affects the whole of Humanity, an infinitely small virus, invisible to the naked eye but so devastating, and which forces us to confine ourselves in our homes! We are so freedom-loving!
I wish you a lot of courage to face this situation, dear fellow citizens of the Mediterranean! Take good care of yourself!
Hopefully conscientious and human researchers can find an effective treatment and an anti-covid19 vaccine as soon as possible!
Let us stand in solidarity with the most disadvantaged countries which lack of resources risk losing out.
Djamila Hamitou Sandouk  from MCA Oran circle

Dear members,

The activities of Zagreb MCA Circle are suspended in accordance with the measures adopted by the Croatian government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We call to maintain lucidity, to adopt a responsible behavior: #WeStayAtHome. We will take back our activity with even greater motivation.

#8M : Now and always Mediterranean trough women gaze


#8M Mediterranean Woman International Day trough the eyes of the women. Now and always.

La mar d ‘il.lustrades” a selection of works from 18 cartoonists and visual artists who present their work trough various styles and profiles, who in group, discover the common elements to understand the visual identity of the mediterranean culture trough the Women eye.

Exposition managed by Tomás Gorria/ Organised by the MCAF and  Mostra Viva del Mediterrani 2019/2020

Video of Esther Roig Belloch