The MCAF holds in Valencia its Advisory Council with international experts on Human Rights, sustainable development and citizenship in the Mediterranean (spanish)



MCAF, Valencia. 02/12/2016

Experts from 11 Mediterranean bordering countries have met this month in Valencia to study the situation of citizenship, human rights and environmental responsibility in the Mediterranean. The Advisory Council of MCAF has reviewed the state of the situation in the Mediterranean countries with a special concern on the issue of security. Participants from Algeria, Albania, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Syria and Turkey have addressed to the public opinion with the Declaration about Aleppo.


The French-Syrian expert Salam Kawakibi, a political scientist, professor at the University of Amsterdam and the coordinator of the Initiative for Arab Reform has indicated that “the images that are coming to us right now from Aleppo represent the shame for European civil society. It is more than evident that governments do not want to do anything, but we do not understand why citizens do not upraise, react and protest indiscriminate deaths of civilians. It is a question that we try to answer in this Council”, he said.

“The current socio-political and economic situation in the Mediterranean has a common denominator and it is the crisis. There is a feeling of a new scenario that is performed in the form of war or military conflicts in the eastern Mediterranean, and an uprising of extreme right-wing forces in the West, which is well seen in the refugee crisis as a problem of coexistence. The general climate of this meeting is of concern for the future that has nothing to do with few years ago horizons of peace and solidarity “, said the President of the MCAF, and former MEP, Vicent Garcés.

In the Advisory Council meeting have been present experts such Touria El Oumri, Moroccan feminist activist, who studies the alternatives of female empowerment in the Mediterranean countries of Islamic majority, especially the Maghreb; Nikolaos Poutsiakas, a Regional Adviser of the Thessaly Region, who knows firsthand the management of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean countries; the Senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Transatlantic Relations, Aylin Ünver Noi  Garcés who explained the security threats in Turkey; and addressing the situation of Palestine and Israel were  the Palestinian Diplomat Hassan Balawi and the Director of the Israel Alternative Center of Information Michel Warschawasky. The President, Vicent Garcés also presented the Declaration for the Agro-food Transition in the Mediterranean, document presented by the MCAF at the last Climate Summit, COP22, held this month in Marrakech.


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