The ACM Foundation (FACM) urges governments across the Mediterranean to launch major plans aimed at youth to stabilize the region


FAC,. 19.02.2018

The FACM, based in Valencia, emphasizes the urgency of proposing tools and projects to move towards a Mediterranean in peace and sustainable development, which benefits all.

The FACM, as an observer member, participates in the 12th plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) held in Bucharest.

The FACM has been the only Spanish presence at this high-level summit since Spain is not yet a member of this parliamentary platform composed of representatives of the Parliaments of all Mediterranean countries.

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Vicent Garcés, President of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM), has called on all public institutions and governments of the Mediterranean to promote great plans for youth and to use culture and critical thinking as a tool for participatory democracy and the prevention of radicalization and terrorism. The resolution of problems of mobility, unemployment and corruption will also contribute to this.

The FACM has verified that in the Mediterranean countries unemployment affects important layers of youth, leaving it without prospects and with emigration as the only way out of poverty and social exclusion. On the other hand, women suffer double discrimination: economic and social discrimination derived from the patriarchal society that surrounds them.

In his addressing, Vicent Garcés has also appealed to the urgency of protecting the rich Mediterranean cultural heritage that is suffering attacks of all kinds. “Reducing existing social, economic and military tensions also requires the implementation of peace strategies in the region and a determined fight against inequalities from a gender perspective and the defense of human rights.”

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The FACM, as an observer member of the PAM, presented the conclusions of its last meeting held in Casablanca last November. “In this way, the voice of the Mediterranean citizenship has been heard and we trust that the analyzes and recommendations raised will be considered in the respective Parliaments,” says Vicent Garcés.

The latest additions to the PAM have been those of the Parliaments of Romania and San Marino. The president of the PAM, the Portuguese deputy Pedro Roque, has announced that the Russian Federation has also expressed its intention to join as an associate member. “For the stability of the Mediterranean, peace and reconciliation are urgent in Libya and in Syria,” added Pedro Roque.


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