Launching the Euro-Mediterranean Solidarity Movement with persons in exile


With the participation of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (ACM Foundation), based in Valencia, through its Citizen Circles of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Palestine.

The Lebanese NGO Amel Association International (Amel) and the French organization Samusocial International (SSI) have launched in Rome on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the Euro-Mediterranean Solidarity Movement with people in exile. A movement that gather public institutions, civil society entities and experts, and that advocates for a change in current host policies with exiles and refugees. “A call to join forces from values of solidarity, of dignity that represent the future of humanity,” as they have pointed out. The ACM Foundation that advocates citizen resistance to injustices joins this movement of citizen solidarity in the Mediterranean.

The event was held in the Capitol of Rome and has had the support of the city council, with the collaboration of the Cultural Association Laura Lombardo Radice, the French Institute Center St. Louis in Rome, Un Ponte Per, the Xavier Emmanuelli Fund and the ACM Foundation.

The president of the ACM Foundation, Vicent Garcés, has indicated at the opening ceremony that “more than two years ago the city of Valencia and the Valencian Government pledged to welcome hundreds of refugees and the answer of the Sapnish Government was no. Now the answer is positive to open the doors to the “Aquarius” because the there is a change in the State Government. Read the full speech of the president of the FACM, Vicent Garcés.

The Euro-Mediterranean Movement is the crystallization of the recommendations and challenges that have been outlined in two previous seminars in the autumn of 2017, in France and Greece, in which met the key actors on migration issues from the entire Euro-Mediterranean region.

Nikolaos Poutsiakas, regional councilor of Thesalia and member of the FACM Advisory Council, Touria ElOumri, member of the local Commission for the regularization of migration in Casablanca and representative of the ACM Circle of Casablanca, Hassan Balawi, diplomat and representative of the ACM Circle of Palestine; and Esma Kucukalic, journalist and member of the ACM Circle of Valencia participated at the event.