We celebrate the Hope that represents Aquarius. “Hope of Mediterranean”, as it is called the operation that has saved 630 people rescued from the sea. Because solidarity, dignity and humanity can not be criminalized. For this reason, we share the Manifesto for a Movement of Euro-Mediterranean Solidarity with the people in exile, that have launched entities from all over the Mediterranean this week in Rome. The ACM Foundation was one of them.

We, as euro-Mediterranean actors, have therefore to come together to stand against these denials of humanity,

It is within this framework that we constitute a euro-mediterranean Movement of solidarity with persons in exile, we consider that there is a legitimate urgency and necessity to promote citizen mobilization and engagement through reflection and advocacy.

We call all actors, including the institutional, at the local and international level, to effectively engage in the actions of solidarity and resistance which constitute the basis of our Movement.

This Manifesto is a call to join forces, to share our principles of solidarity, dignity and humanity, which represent the future of our freedom of movement.

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