The ACM Foundation at the Khiara refugee camp in Lebanon


The ACM Foundation has visited the Khiara refugee camp during our mission of citizen diplomacy to Lebanon. The ACM Foundation has had the opportunity to know on the ground the work of our partner Amel Association International in the assistance and support to persons in exile, in a country that is hosting more than a 1.5 million of refugees, half of its population.

In the Khiara refugee camp, in the Bekaa Valley, many of persons who are living there come fleeing the war in Syria. A lot of the families come from Rakaa and Aleppo, scenes of an authentic humanitarian catastrophe. The situation of children, adolescents and refugee women is especially delicate. More and more cases of childhood leukemia are detected, anemia among children and pregnant women is a constant.

Amel carries out here an integral health and education Project. From psychosocial assistance to children and adolescents, vaccination campaigns to literacy programs and prevention of child marriage. Congratulations to Amel for the extraordinary work that is developing with persons in exile, which will continue to count on the support of the ACM Foundation in the promotion and sharing of the Euro-Mediterranean solidarity movement.