Facing Covid-19 : Solidarity


In front of the sanitarian alert, the MCA Foundation Team chose the remote working following the official advice. We remain at your disposal in our usual communication channels: social networks, e-mail and phone.
We express our gratitude to the healthcare, the alimentary, the cleaners and the transport workers and so many others, together with the entire citizenship, who are making the fight against the pandemic easier.

We share plenty of massages of solidarity by our MCAF Network:

The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (PAM) message

This year, the euromediterranean region, as a lot of others parts of the world, is facing the COVID 19 with full force, and the northern coast is the current epicentre of the global pandemic. This pandemic is damaging all the aspects of our lives, our health, the limitation of our quotidian actions,  the economical and educational constraint. In a such difficult period, the topic choose to think about together for the Mediterranean Day 2020 is: “Solidarity and mutual assistance”.
Read the PAM message

Project : COMMUNICATION AND SELF/ISOLATION- World art day- IAA/  BiH-IPC / SWF-Leonardo da Vinci

Dear friends,
I wish to you and your loved ones to be in good health. I believe in your ability and your capacity to share with the others, in these difficult circumstances, the necessary solidarity. All I can say is in one sentence: Take care of you.
I Hope that we meet again without the social distance between us. In the meantime I share this website página (World Art Day IPC/SWF2020/Leonardo Da Vinci) I and call all the artists to they share trough their social networks (from the 15/03/2020 to the 15/04/2020 to celebrate the World art day), their works/ fictions, short films movies and documentaries, exhibitions, photos, actings, dances and ballets, theatre plays and music/ wisdom, love compassion and solidarity messages to all the people who fight against this auto/isolation.
Ibrahim Spahic director of the SWF and the CIP, honorary member of the MCAF Consultative Council.


Cara/o iscritta/o
le attività di “Peripli” sono sospese e rinviate nel rispetto delle norme adottate dal governo italiano  per prevenire la diffusione del coronavirus.

Vi esortiamo a mantenere la lucidità, ad adottare comportamenti responsabili, e a fare appello alla saggezza.

Ce la faremo e riprenderemo le nostre attività con maggiore motivazione.

Buona salute a tutti!

In this situation which affects the whole of Humanity, an infinitely small virus, invisible to the naked eye but so devastating, and which forces us to confine ourselves in our homes! We are so freedom-loving!
I wish you a lot of courage to face this situation, dear fellow citizens of the Mediterranean! Take good care of yourself!
Hopefully conscientious and human researchers can find an effective treatment and an anti-covid19 vaccine as soon as possible!
Let us stand in solidarity with the most disadvantaged countries which lack of resources risk losing out.
Djamila Hamitou Sandouk  from MCA Oran circle

Dear members,

The activities of Zagreb MCA Circle are suspended in accordance with the measures adopted by the Croatian government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We call to maintain lucidity, to adopt a responsible behavior: #WeStayAtHome. We will take back our activity with even greater motivation.