28 citizens circles
20 Mediterranean countries
+ than 70 events organized in 2019

MCAF Strategical actions:
-Being an interlocutor between the euromediterranean institutions and the Mediterranean citizenship.
-Make easier the communication based on equality and inter-generational diversity in all the social, economical, cultural, humanitarian and political fields which affects billions of young people in the Mediterranean countries.
-Contribute to the Mediterranean agenda for the next years and demand that the citizenship be recognized as an essential actor of dialog, the cooperation, the social cohesion, the coexistence in diversity.

Most important actions in 2019:
-Social action: refugees, youth, gender.
-Cultural action: Mediterranean Heritage/ Mostra Viva del Mediterrani.
-Environmental action: SAT project (Territorialized Agri-food Systems). Simultaneous actions to clean up Mediterranean beaches.
-Mediterranean publications.
-Citizen’s Diplomacy.
-Diffusion and vulgarization in french, english and spanish, with texts in arabic and catalan.
-Two international rewards: SLOBODA/LIBERTY prize attribute by the International Center for Peace of Sarajevo, and the the 2019 prize of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

Here we share the 2019 FACM’s activities memory which summarizes all our activities of 2019. Take a look clicking on the covers.

2019 MCAF ACTIVITY RAPORT                                  2019 MACF ACTIVITY SUMMARY