Founding Charter

Mediterranean Citizen’s Assembly: Towards a mediterranean community of people founding Charter

May 31, 2009 (updated on October 30,2010)

Since 2008, a group of Mediterranean citizens have committed to work towards the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples. In order to do so, they launched the development of a Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly. In this first step, they elaborated a founding text, basis of this Founding Charter.

The  process  is  founded  on  the democratic  values  of  freedom,  peace,  respect  for  cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. It aims to favour the emergence of a common voice and a common citizens’ action, thanks to permanent communication using novel tools and methods.

This initiative, which is complementary to other existing undertakings, nevertheless rests entirely on  one  observation:  it  is  mainly  through  the  action  and  involvement  of  citizens,  both  men  and women, that a united and positive “community of destiny” will be set up in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly is not limited to the select few. On the contrary, this collective  approach  needs  to  bring  together and, even  better,  to  gain  the  support  of  a  large number of people, from all strands of society.

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