Citizen’s Circles

Citizens’ Circles

The process of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly also aims to promote and create Local Mediterranean Citizens’ Circles in the different countries of the region.

The circles are open and permanent places for dialogue between citizens, where they exchange ideas through workshops, round table discussions… and collectively they elaborate, assess proposals with the objective to contribute to the emergence of a new economic, social, cultural and environmental policies.

All citizens can take part of these Circles with the condition that they agree with the principles of the Founding Charter and commit to respect them.

The Citizens’ Circles are by nature informal, except when the political context of a country does not allow this, in which case the Mediterranean Coordination may give them a Statutes model that they can use. Circles must be officially recognized by the MCA Foundation.

Every circle shall name a contact person who will be in charge of communication with the Mediterranean Citizen´s Assmbly Foundation and the other Circles. The Circles use to meet every year at the MCA Meetings.